Mike Randall

This is a great idea, I’m so tired of the same types of mainstream EDM sounds and stores that have the same packs as the rest. This is much better quality, and we are supporting the artists directly.

Dan Sigurda

Really impressed by the quality of the instrumental recordings here, so hard to find! We’re hoping to contribute some content of our own soon.

Rodney Briggs

The sample market was really getting away from the producers, there was a lot of exploitation there, which led to mediocrity. This model can change that.

Dennis Stanley

I’m a composer, not a sound designer. I don’t have time to make all of my own sounds, so I’m excited there is an open-source marketplace for synth presets.

Rich Longstreet

Most packs out there have a handful of decent samples made by some random company. Every sound in these packs is usable, and you know exactly who’s creating them.