About the Product

Many of us reach a point in our production process where we have a good beat going but it needs something unique to give it character and create a melody.

Layering organic instruments over some solid drums is the best way to achieve this. A soulful guitar riff, a rocking bassline and some keys go a long way towards warming up a track and making a home setup sound like a full studio.

The sounds in this incredible collection are versatile and useful in Hip Hop, Downtempo, Trap or Breakbeat production. Each has been painstakingly recorded for the highest quality, featuring Guitars, Basses, Organs, Pianos, Percussion, Strings & Horns.

The samples are short and designed to work together, allowing you to arrange them any way you want and create your own music.

Save tons of time and upgrade your arsenal with our best-selling collection of instrumental samples!

All sounds in both demo tracks come from these best-selling packs:

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Included: Southern Fried Volumes 1 & 2


Southern Fried Vol. 1

Southern Fried Vol. 2