About the Product

By popular demand, Divided Souls deliver the second installment in their Southern Fried series. Building on the foundation of the first volume, this robust sound kit speaks to beatsmiths banging on the pads of their trusty MPC, producers looking for live elements to build tracks around, or composers searching for that something “extra” to set off their arrangement.

Utilizing classic hardware like the SP1200, various Akai series samplers, ASR-10s and a wide array of software programs, Southern Fried 2 offers various instruments played in different keys and/or chords, allowing the producer the opportunity to have more control over their new composition with a wider array of options at their disposal.

The Southern Fried series represents more than simply sampling sounds from the Roland 808. It’s an aesthetic that harkens back to classic Southern music: Soul, Rock, and Hip Hop. It’s hard-hitting kicks and snares, emotive guitars and keys that move us.


This kit includes:

  • Guitars (riffs & loops) – 210

  • Keys (pianos, synths, organs, & electric pianos) – 185

  • Horns – 8

  • Strings – 5

  • Basses – 26

  • Kicks – 25

  • Snares – 21

  • Drum Rolls – 11

  • Miscellaneous (percussion, stabs, & percussion loops) – 27

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