About the Product

The sounds in Soul Trap 2 provide a slightly cleaner yet full-bodied punch that people have come to expect from Divided Souls Entertainment. The production duo has linked with Bullyfinger to allow beat makers a glimpse into his creative world.

No corners were cut as he provides three different folders of the originals processed and tweaked as only Bullyfinger does. The AKAI s950, OTO Machines BISCUIT, and Dave Smith Instruments DSM02 Character Unit were utilized to give altered takes on each of these sounds.

Finally, each kick, snare, bass, and percussion hit was run through the API 512 and the NEVE 542 for warmth and depth. Offering more flexibility for one’s creativity was the underlying goal of this project with expanded options to fit a producer’s needs.

As with the first volume, Soul Trap 2 is much more than simply 808s, its a glimpse of what trap music can sound like at its best.

Original sounds included:

Kicks – 23
Snares – 26
Claps – 10
Cymbals – 14
Percussion – 15
Basses – 12

Original sounds are separately processed using the following:

Akai s950

Dave Smith Instruments DSM02 Character Unit



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