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Another track that shows the range of these kits:

Trap is the fastest growing genre, but so much of it lacks a unique, authentic sound. This collection of Trap Samples offers premium building blocks that will lay a solid foundation for your creativity.

Divided Souls has been at the forefront of Hip Hop sample production for twenty years, and their sounds can be heard in some of the best tracks to come out of the underground.

They have produced Public Enemy, KRS-One, Mobb Deep, Scarface, David Banner and The Lox and are now sharing their signature sounds with other producers.

Bass-heavy Kicks, Snares and Percussion elements, quality FX, Basses and more! Soul Trap is much more than 808s, its a glimpse of what Trap music can sound like at its best.

A $30 Value For Just $14.99!

Included: Soul Trap Volumes 1 & 2

Soul Trap Vol. 1

Soul Trap Vol. 2