About the Product

This collection of presets for Serum has been carefully crafted to offer a variety of sounds from haunting pads to brutal basses.

Beyond just giving you powerful new sounds to work with, the pack is designed to be customized, giving you the basic tools you need to create any sound you can imagine with Serum.

Tons of unique wavetables and patches to play with, as well as noise files, all exceptionally organized and ready to go.

This soundbank includes:

150~ hand made wavetables

100~ serum patches that exclusively use these wavetables

A small collection of noise samples for use in Serums noise oscillator.

The included wavetables were hand crafted from my collection of vintage analog synths & rare digital synths. They include tables extracted from Moog Voyager, Akai ax80, MS-20 mini, Nord Lead 1, Roland Vsynth and several from various digital additive and FM synthesizers. There are also wavetables made from throat singing, didgeridoos, bells and various field recordings.

Experiment and have fun!