About the Product

Live Layers is a unique collection of live instrumental samples that can be used to create organic textures and melodies in any type of music.

Organized in sets of single-note sounds and phrases that can be arranged in infinite ways, the pack is an essential tool for those wanting to add some real instruments to their mixes and scores.

Drums, Drones, Atmospheres, Keys, Vintage Synths, Foley Recordings, Guitar and FX are included, with multiple variations and articulations of each sound.

The sounds are impeccably recorded out of warm tube amps that add a classic tone. Great detail has gone into each sample to ensure it is useful and one of a kind.

These versatile instruments and ambient layers will bring your tracks alive and save you the many hours of work that went into getting them just right.

This diverse collection of soundscapes and melodic tones is perfect to drop into downtempo tracks, cinema scores and instrumental compositions.

Explore almost 2 GB of royalty-free samples and loops, unreleased anywhere else!

It Includes:

17 Drone Samples

235 Drum Hits (Live & Electronic Kicks & Snares, Multi-Recorded)

93 Percussion Hits

24 Drum / Percussion Loops

21 Foley Recordings (City Sounds)

36 FX Samples (Risers, Impacts, Swells)

40 Guitar Samples

94 Keys Samples (Rhodes, Wurli, E Piano, Piano)

67 Synth Loops (Atmospheres & Melodies)

25 Synth One Shot Samples

18 Multi-Sampled Wind Instruments (Melodica & Recorder)