About the Product

Istanbul is the gateway to the East, connecting cultures from around the world. This collection of music from renowned composer Ahmet Kalabay captures the spirit of this city and fuses it with cutting edge rhythms.

Featuring sounds from Turkey, the Middle East and India including flutes, kawala, melodica, clarinet, turkish saz and oud, this pack is rich with organic instrumentation and percussion. It masterfully blends these traditional elements with futuristic ones, creating a unique and versatile palette.

The instruments are played in fresh, unconventional ways, intended to be mixed with electronic music, which is hard to find. The recordings are meticulously done and offer several variations on each sound.

This collection is sure to spice up any production that needs a dose of unique, authentic ethnic music. Explore new worlds of sound that you can use royalty-free in any composition.

Gateway To The East is 1.15 GB of original music never heard or released before to inspire you and take your productions to another level.