About the Product

Looking for some weird, glitched-out sounds and FX for your mixes? Fractal Dragon is a master of squelches and liquid bass, compiling his biggest collection yet of strange, futuristic samples.

Alien bass music is exploding, but it takes incredible amounts of time and technical skill to create the otherworldly effects that set these tracks apart.

For those interested in working with sounds like these without having to painstakingly create each one from scratch, this collection is perfect.

The samples will add complex effects and layers to any track, and can be bent and distorted to create new sounds altogether.

A highly recommended sound kit for anyone interested in psychedelic music.



Bass Fishing

Classical Alien Barf

Craby Attacks

Fractal Builds

Space Shit

Oh Kid Shit


And One Shots,

500MB of unique Royalty Free Sound awaits you..

Grab two Fractal Dragon packs and get one Free:

Fractal Dragon Sample Pack Trilogy