About the Product

This is an essential collection for anyone making futuristic music, from film scores to electronic beats.

It features 700MB of high quality Impacts, Mechanical Risers and Downers, Rhythmic Layers, Atmospheric Synths and dramatic Megahorns that instantly set a dark and otherworldly tone.

Each sound is usable in many ways, making this a versatile tool for producers wanting to upgrade their FX and impacts.

The pack is organized in sets that give you a range of tones of each type to work with, instead of standalone samples you cannot create variations of.

The robots have become self aware and the uprising has begun. Earth has become a warzone where we fight technology with technology, struggling with our own creations for survival.

Massive engines roar to life, alien craft hover and crash. A new era rises where man and machine will destroy each other, or become one.