About the Product

Straight from the Divided Souls Productions sound lab comes a collection of kicks, snares, and percussion that has been simmering in the cauldron, waiting to be released to the world in all of their 12-Bit glory.

While many kits boldly claim to have their origin in the E-mu SP-1200, these elements were recorded directly from the vintage analog drum machine with minimal processing.

Twelve Bit Soul offers the classic warmth and feeling that many of today’s filters and processors claim to capture, while still falling short of the genuine article.

This latest assortment embodies years of painstaking digging and editing to get the sound just right, with many of these hits being featured in sounds from David Banner, Stat Quo, Public Enemy and more. Within each folder, discover how the worlds of analog and digital can mesh with today’s production.

Simply put: hard-hitting, analog drums are timeless, living on as trends come and go. Throughout Twelve Bit Soul, the kicks and snares deliver essential components, a certain sonic knock that can provide the extra push in your production.

Features 324 total 12-Bit // SP-1200 Sounds including:

  • 39 Hi-Hats & Percussion

  • 150 Kicks & Toms

  • 135 Snares & Claps

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