About the Product

The foundation of any beat is the drums, and the quality of the samples you’re working with has a huge effect on the finished product.

The 12 Bit Soul series is the most comprehensive Hip Hop Drum collection available. Hard-hitting, punchy kicks and snares that will stand out in your mix, as well as a variety of percussion elements perfect for Future Bass, Trap or Trip Hop.

Created by veteran Hip Hop and Trap producers Divided Souls, who have produced heavyweights like Public Enemy, KRS-One, Mobb Deep, Scarface, David Banner and The Lox, every sound in these packs is created on quality analog gear and expertly processed.

More tracks made with these sounds:

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12 Bit Soul Vol. 1

12 Bit Soul Vol. 2

12 Bit Soul Vol. 3

12 Bit Soul Vol. 4

12 Bit Soul Vol. 5

12 Bit Soul Vol. 6

12 Bit Soul Vol. 7

12 Bit Soul Vol. 8